All our Code 1 castors are English made and solid brass. Due to advances in material and manufacturing they are substantially stronger than the period originals. We are often asked for a load bearing rating on these castors. This rating would be expected of a modern castor, but it is not relevant to period castors. Any of our castors could bear loads far greater than they are ever likely to encounter. More important than load rating is mobility. A small castor under a heavy load is more likely to make an indent in the floor than be an aid to mobility. Let a sense of proportion be your guide to castor selection.

Strength is an issue whenever castors are used. With our castors the weak point is no longer the castor itself but the wood to which it is fitted. If the wood is to survive its ordeal the castor must be fitted accurately. This means fitting with as little play as possible. The purpose of the woodscrews is to prevent the castor sliding off rather than to make an otherwise poorly fitted castor firm. An ill-fitted castor relies on the woodscrews for loadbearing and they will quickly fail by either coming loose or worse, splitting the wood.

Our Code 4 castors look as though they were stolen from fine antiques. Though they are new they are no stronger than the originals from which they are reproduced and certainly not as strong as our Code 1 castors. Their appeal lies in a delicacy of detail and proportion that modern castors cannot match.

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